At Everest, we believe that a sustainable future for our company must encompass the core values most important to our customers, employees, stakeholders and the communities in which we operate and serve. The values that define our corporate responsibility include: A commitment to diversity, equity, and inclusion, employee learning and development, environmental sustainability, and philanthropy.

Providing a healthy and productive environment for our employees to grow professionally is one of the core values that drives our business. Attracting and maintaining a diverse, talented workforce is an essential part of enacting that value. We are committed to inclusive hiring practices, strong talent development and an engaging and motivated culture in the workplace. In addition, we recognize that we also have a responsibility to protect the environment ourselves. While we already have a modest ecological footprint as an insurance and reinsurance organization, we are committed to reducing our own impact on the global environment wherever possible through our policies and daily operations. We are committed to fostering a work environment that not only benefits our employees but also makes a positive impact on, and builds a stronger future for, the communities in which we operate and serve around the world. We are thrilled with our progress thus far and look forward to the continuation of these efforts in years to come. Learn more about our ESG initiatives in the reports below.